Flight out

The flight was very different to how I remembered them being. I remembered them for the very formal “seat belts on” signs and safety briefings and general monotony on board. On this flight one of the cabin crew kept asking everyone to shout out loud whether or not they were excited about going to meet Santa, and she pretended she couldn’t hear us unless we all shouted “YES”! The whole way she kept updating us with the latest news from Santa’s elves regarding the weather and about how excited the elves were to be meeting us at the airport. LOL. (in this context LOL= laugh out loud)

Here’s some pictures:

Ant and Lauren sporting Christmas accessories on the plane

Even Ian wore a funny hat at some point!

Couldn't see much other than the wing from my seat, but that's snow on the ground shortly before landing!

When we got the the airport, the bit in the middle of the conveyer belt where all the suitcases eventually appear was decorated:

Never seen that in an airport before!

Closeup on part of the display

Despite the roads being very snowy and icy, the bus had no problem taking us up to the hotel. Winter tyres apparently. It seems amazing that when we get any snow at all in England, everything stops working!