Snowmobiling! [updated with photographs]

We all (except Val, Ian, Ann and Helen) decided to go on a night snowmobile ride! It started at about 8.00pm and finished shortly after

In Antony’s words, it was cool dude!

We went in pairs and took turns. I was with Chloe and thankfully I was good enough to not scare her to death! The machines felt very powerful and I probably only used a small fraction of the power available, but it felt pretty fast!

We had a couple of false starts. One of the snowmobiles broke down immediately. Then a moment later one of us got a bit stuck. But soon we were well on the way.

After we’d been on the go for a while, our guide stopped us and took us into a little area in the woods with a shelter and he built a fire. Not only did he make tea and coffee on the fire, he cooked us a sausage each too!

I’ll update this post with photographs soon. Right now it’s time to get some sleep!

Update: Pictures!


Ant and Lauren up ahead

Me and Chloe. I forgot to smile! Oh, and it's snowing.

Huddled in the little shelter

The tea and coffee is made and the sausages are cooked.

It was really hard to get decent pictures of the fire. I should have read my camera's manual! But I like this photo.