The Wedding

The bride and groom were taken from the hotel to the ice gazebo by a reindeer-pulled sledge where the rest of us were waiting for them.

Here’s the video – best I could do in the limited space and lighting. Lots of photographs and things to come on this page 🙂 (now updated with some pictures!)

The poem was written by my gran. Good, isn’t it?

In this next video, Anu (AKA Sweet Sherry) explains a Finnish cake cutting tradition.

Anu was the wedding co-ordinator. She’s one of the most lovely people we met at Lapland and we’ll miss her!

Ready for the Wedding

Harry and Tom are feeling good!

Antony is thinking: "When will our reindeer and sleigh be ready?"

They did it! They are married! Woo!

Yes, the gazebo really is made of ice

Ian and Anu, our lovely wedding co-ordinator 🙂

Chloe being theatrical!

Their son just got married. That'll be why they're smiling!


"It can't be Rudolf. It's not got a red nose" they are (maybe) saying. It's still a very kind reindeer though - took them from the hotel to the ice gazebo and back, after all!


The Meal

The newly married couple ready for the wedding dinner

Everyone is happy!

Antony's mum and dad - still smiling

Oh look, it's me and Helen!

Antony is happy but not looking at the camera - well, there were so many cameras it was hard to know where to look!



Antony asked me to take pictures of all the dishes we were served with. And here they are (they were yummy):

Cake! (Don't worry, there's another, more substantial cake for the reception!)

White chocolate bits on the outside!

The butter looked like a flower. Clever.

Goats cheese and melon salad starter. With pesto 🙂

The best beef I've ever had with sweet potato and a round thing which was very nice. I can't remember what was in it though!

Crème brûlée. (Chad from HSM anyone?) Never had it before but it was yummy!

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