The hotel at Birmingham Airport

As soon as checked into the hotel (Etap), we went for something to eat. We looked into the café next door and made the decision to have a look for the next one around the corner. Having no sense of direction, we couldn’t find the door to get in! We ended up going through a staff-only car park underground and eventually found the way in, whereupon we realised it was more than twice as expensive as the one we’d just been to. So we went back through the staff-only door, through the car park and back to where we’d started!

Helen and Ann ordered food together and then me, Val and Ian ordered together immediately after. Helen and Ann’s meal came in about 15 minutes. The rest came more 30 minutes after that! At least when it arrived it was very tasty.

I had beef and mash in a yorkshire pud...

...followed by an ice cream cookie thing. Yum!


Halfway through the meal the rest of the group arrived. Here’s some pictures (taken with my phone because I left my nice new camera in the hotel room!):

Mum's happy

Antony arrives...

...supplying me with antlers!

The rest of the party arrives with their antlers!

Finally, the hotel room was ok. The room with the toilet was TINY though! Lots of banged elbows (and a banged head too at one point!).

This is how small it was:


To the airport

We made it to the airport! More specifically, to the hotel we’re staying in the night before the flight. More on that a bit later. But on the way I took this picture through the window of the car:

The old and the new side by side: fossil fuels vs wind power

I thought it was quite poignant!

The first post. Not exciting. But making sure this thing works.

The title says it all. But I’ve almost finished packing! I’m sure I’ve forgotten something – whenever I go anywhere there’s always something I wish I’d brought with me. If I do forget something hopefully it will be something easily replaceable like a toothbrush. And not something more difficult to come by. Like a passport.

Only time will tell.

Proof that I've packed